Not Another Mom Blog

“Oh, yeah. Because the world needs another mom blog…”

This was the thought ringing in my head as I continually shut down the idea of starting a blog.

I’m sure you can hear the critical and overly judgmental tone. I’m working on it. I’m new to the mom life, and there are many aspects of it I found ridiculous and cliché from the outside in.

Let me set the stage: I’m a new SAHM [Stay At Home Mom. Yes, apparently there’s an abbreviation for it], and I never thought I would be. I’m very skeptically creeping into to this world of target sales, floral planners, and polished insta stories and out of my element. My wonderful but often perplexing 4-month old is finally taking a nap, and I have too many dishes in the sink. Still, I just want to sit down and engage with this weird internet scene.

Cliché, ahmiright? I mean, what do I even have to say? Still, I want to say something. It’s been the story of my life in the newfound mom circle. I say I’ll never be xyz, and then I am xyzing it up and with the best of them.

So here’s my point: the world probably doesn’t need another mom blog, but I do.

I need to write, to paint, to play music and dance around like an idiot so I don’t forget that I am. I need not to be paralyzed by the fear of being unoriginal. I need to engage the world and throw my two cents into lively, meaningful conversations beyond the scope of #pumpkinbutt.

I need to remember things that I enjoy doing and do them, because I want to teach Babygirl to do the same. I need to stop avoiding things I enjoy just because it’s mainstream. (I’m looking at you Hipster Kid.)

I need to shout into the void of the internet if only to remember what my voice sounds like. So, join me or not, I need to make another mom blog for my own sake. You’re welcome to read along if you’d like.


Here’s a stock photo and an inspirational quote, because it only seems appropriate.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton